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The logo designers book collection
The Logo Designers Box Set

Here's what you'll get!

The following 6 resources pull together my best advice at every step of the logo design process, all in one place, for FREE. Whether you’re completely new to logo design, or a seasoned professional, there’s something in the Logo Designers Box Set to help you reach the next level.

Book 1: Logo Design Tools

Book 1:
Logo Tools

If you want to become a professional logo designer there’s a number of tools you’ll need to get started. This ebook will tell you exactly what you need.

Book 2: Logo Design Brief

Book 2:
Logo Brief

To design a successful logo you need to gain a clear understanding of the goals of the project. This book will teach you the questions you need to ask, and how you can convert that information into an actionable list of goals to follow during the design phase.

Book 3: Logo Design Ideas

Book 3:
Logo Ideas

Coming up with the perfect idea for a logo can be a challenging process. This book aims to help by pulling together some of the most effective exercises to help you generate a stream of potential ideas. 

Book 4: Present Logo Design

Book 4:
Logo Present

How you present your work is as important, if not more, than the designs you create. This ebook shares the most effective approach that I’ve used to present designs to clients to ensure I either get designs approved first time, or constructive helpful feedback.

Book 5: Logo Design Files

Book 5:
Logo Files

A logo should be versatile, that means you need to prepare a wide range of files for your client to use from web to print. In this ebook you’ll learn about the best file types for logo design, and the variations you’ll need to prepare to create a comprehensive logo package.

Book 6: Logo Design Clients

Book 6:
Logo Clients

Once you master the art of logo design you’ll want to seek clients who are on  the lookout for a logo designer. This eBook shares some of the most effective approaches used by members of the Logo Geek Community to get high quality clients.

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